Sunday, May 1, 2011

WTJ: Document Your Dinner

A few weeks ago I wrote about shaping up for summer with some solid workouts. Well, I'm still working on that. And after seeing how absolutely stunning Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge looked Friday at the Royal Wedding I have been newly inspired to keep working at it. I've got some weddings coming up myself this summer, and it'd be great if I could look half as good in a dress as she did.

However, I have a weakness. A big one. Food. I'm really not that willing to give up too many of the foods I love. Ice cream. Chips. Breads... Try as I might, they always find their ways into my mouth and inevitably my stomach.

Take this for example. It might be some of the best pizza in existence. And I say this knowing I have a few international readers.

A few inches off my waist just might not be worth giving up this kind of saucy and cheesy and greasy gloriousness.


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