Friday, May 20, 2011

WTJ: Make a Paper Airplane

A note on the duality of airports.

In the past few years of my life I've become a bit of an unwilling expert on long distance relationships and inevitably the airport.

Apart from being an expensive place, (where I'm from, anyway), it is primarily a confusing one.

The airport is a lot like a koala bear. It lures you in with its cute, cuddly exterior... but in the end it will not hesitate to rip your face off.

Okay, so airports are neither cute, cuddly, nor can they rip your face (or anything else) off, really. (I'm sure there are arguments against the latter, but I'm not hearing them at the moment).

My point is, (and I always have one), airports can always start off my weekends with arguably one of the happiest moments of a visit from the boyfriend, but they end my visit with undoubtedly the worst moment. The arrival gate is the cute, cuddly koala... The departure gate is that same koala but with the claws out and the teeth bared.

It's difficult to even look at an airplane, let alone an airPORT, without feeling the tightening in my chest that accompanies that feeling of not knowing what to feel...

So you can understand why this WTJ activity would be so difficult...

I'm sure another part of the problem is that I have almost no idea how to properly make a paper airplane, either...

As with any duality, I suppose I just have to take the good with the bad. I will continue to rejoice at the arrivals gate while I keep one slightly disapproving glare over my shoulder at the departures... Until of course, it's my turn to fly out town somewhere great. Then departures and I will be great friends.

And the duality deepens...

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