Sunday, May 8, 2011

Game On!

There are some books you have to find time to read during the day.  Books you must squeeze in to a busy schedule.  Then there are those books that become your day.  Books that somehow wipe your schedule clean and nothing seems to matter except losing yourself in the story.

Meet The Hunger Games.

The last few days I was pulled into this book and was absolutely mesmerized.  It is brilliant, absorbing, and exciting.  Everything you need from a book when the summer season is upon us and nothing seems more appealing than the outdoors, some sunshine, a story to get lost in.

There isn't even too much more I can say except a big thank you to all who recommended it.  I've already started the second in the trilogy, Catching Fire, and although I hope it doesn't suffer the same sophomore slump of other famous series seconds, (Twilight's New Moon and Potter's Chamber of Secrets, for example), I'm pretty confident the first novel sets such a strong stage that the whole trilogy will be simply riveting.

I'll keep you posted.

Happy Reading!

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Anonymous said...

From the picture it looks like you had a wonderful afternoon.