Monday, May 9, 2011

WTJ: Journal Golf

The antithesis to the "Cheers" theme song is that sometimes you want to go where no one knows your name; or in my case, where only 1 person knows your name (but really well).

So, that's exactly what the boyfriend and I had in mind when we packed it up and spent the weekend in farm country, just the two of us.

We did some reading, practiced our golf swings, sat in the sun, strolled through town, ate watermelon, drank wine (for me) and beer (for him), and just luxuriated in the peacefulness that is the Ontario countryside (random cow mooing and sheep bleeting included).

Needless to say, when I woke up this morning in my own bed, 600 kilometres away from there and him (long distance relationships are the worst), with an afternoon of supply teaching looming over my head, I immediately closed my eyes and longed for the weekend that seemed to pass by in blink.

Needing to rekindle a little bit of that blissful magic I turned to WTJ to see what it could offer, and staring me in the face was "Journal Golf."

It may not be real golf in the scenic countryside with my man alongside me perfecting my swing, but it could do for now.

 Although, around here, as in the "Cheers" song, everybody knows my name. And after my front yard journal golfing experience, everybody also probably thinks I'm crazy.

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