Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Funnies #16

I literally have only 28 more school days until exams. I can't even put into words how excited that makes me. In fact, I haven't even used exclamation marks because even this many won't really explain to you the excitement levels coursing through me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That said, I'm very much in a school mind-set. Even though I'd rather not be. I fight with myself every morning to not zone out. It's not even May, after all, so I better stay focussed. So today, in the spirit of fighting to keep my brain switched on, I'll share a few English-teacher-y funnies.

Hey, I didn't say they'd be appropriate... Just funny.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Teaser

Some of my favourite nights are spent curled up on the couch with Rich... He watches the Blue Jays game, and I read a book. (Occasionally looking up to catch a homerun or replay that I "have to see!!!") ... But mostly, I get so "in the zone" that I don't even hear the cheers coming from just below where my head rests on his chest.

This is what happened last night as I began to dive into City of Ashes.

He'd tormented her as well, in small and petty ways at first, pinching her where the bruises wouldn't show, switching the shampoo in her bottle for bleach.  She'd gone to her parents but they hadn't believed her. No one had, looking at Daniel; they'd confused beauty with innocence and harmlessness.
(City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, pg. 27)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Funnies #15

Just wanted to share a little internet meme* I stumbled upon on Pinterest. Lately, most of my best ideas come from there.

Happy Friday!

*Okay... So the truth is, even after reading the Wikipedia entry I still don't fully understand the whole meme thing. But, as a blogger and self-professed Social Media Expert I felt the need to drop in some of the jargon. Forgive me if I've done it wrong.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

WTJ: Rub Here With Dirt

Today's return to Wreck This Journal is a post marred by self-pity and just a general need to vent.

You've been warned.

When I opened my journal today, looking for something to do to take my mind of the headache of a class I had just "taught," the words on this page jumped out at me.

"Rub Here With Dirt"

It is a metaphor of sorts.

The arrows might as well be pointing at me; the instructions directed at my students.

Most days, when they leave, I feel the need to shower to scrub off all of the crap they throw at me for 60 minutes -- complaints, comments of an inappropriate and somewhat sexually explicit nature, sarcasm, defiance, blah, blah-blah, blah-blah...

In essence, I feel covered in dirt. They leave my room in an absolute mess of their personal garbage and filthy attitudes.

To rejuvenate myself today, though, I transferred that mess, that dirt, into my journal. It was a transferral of the mess they make of my class, to a little mess on a blank page of a journal just begging for it.

Take that, obnoxious students journal!

And anyway, it was really only one hour of my day. I'm actually pretty lucky. Once they stampede out of here, I'm left alone for lunch and prep in one of the few classrooms with a window and green leafy plants (where I got the dirt from), so I can admire the spring sunshine and decompress with a blog post.

Thanks for listeningto the melodramatic ranting of a teacher.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuesday Teaser

I have just started my new book, City of Ashes, so today's teaser is as much a teaser for me as it is for you!

His clothes were covered in mud and his hair hung down in lank, sweaty strips. There was a long cut down the side of his cheek.

City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare - pg. 9

I feel like it's important to add that today's quote comes from the very first page of chapter one. It's safe to say we've got some more action on our hands!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Review: City of Bones

First review in months, because this is the first novel I've finished since before Christmas.

My best excuse reason for this is that until now, I haven't read anything worth finishing and subsequently writing about. Until now.

(Ooo... so dramatic. It must be carry-over from the novel).

Book 1 in the Mortal Instruments series, City of Bones, was nearly everything you want from the supernatural fantasy genre that I've grown to love. Granted, it's an acquired-taste. Many have outgrown or been exhausted by the vampire, werewolf, warlock, demon thing. I haven't. And I'm glad, because this novel was high on the entertainment value.

Incredibly action-packed, City of Bones takes you on a journey to a work that looks like our own on the surface, but as the main character, Clary begins to discover the truth of our world, so does the reader.

The author, Cassandra Clare, does a fantastic job at creating a world that really makes you think. It's hard to not draw a comparison between Twilight and even Harry Potter, as elements pop in and out that seem strikingly familiar, but those elements are also those that have been seen well before the Twilight/Potter rockets really took off.

Full of twists, some predictable, some that had me literally shouting out in my living room, the novel tells a great story. The characters are all very likeable, and you root for and boo a wide variety of interesting beings. Voldemort-like "bad-guys," the sarcastic and witty hero, the puppy-dog best friend, gorgeous, demon-fighting badasses, and so on.

Basically, I'm telling you that you can expect to read a lot more on this blog in the next few weeks (months?) about the rest of the series. Oh yes, there's more!

If you're into this genre, you'll love this book. Trust me, it's not without it's disappointments. It's not perfect. But it's highly entertaining, and highly addictive.

Up Next:
Book Two in the Moral Instruments series: City of Ashes -- Where will Clary and Jace take us next? We'll see...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Tuesday Teaser

That's right! I've re-named my Tuesday feature blog "The Tuesday Teaser." Twosday Timeout never really sat well with me and today I realized what I'm REALLY trying to do is give you a bit of a teaser for the novel... try to convince you to pick it up and read it yourself!

So, without further adieu, I will open my novel, City of Bones, to the page I'm currently on, and share a few sentences with you... Please feel free to tease me back with what you're reading.

Jace took out his stele and touched it to the stone. With a grinding noise, it moved back, revealing a dark compartment underneath. Inside the compartment was a long wooden box; Jace lifted the lid, and regarded the neatly arranged objects inside with satisfaction.
(City of Bones  pg. 255)

Oooo... I wonder what they could be!?