Monday, May 16, 2011

WTJ: Make a Funnel

One of the most refreshing things about Spring and the onset of Summer is getting to do things outside that you've had no choice but to do inside for the long Canadian winter.

An obvious example of this, and favourite of mine, is reading.

However, I'm quickly beginning to find a great enjoyment in blogging outside as well. It takes a little bit of practice looking at the highly reflective monitor of my laptop for a long period of time, but after a while I've stopped noticing the look of deep concentration on my face looking back at me and can focus simply on the words I'm typing.

I just feel like there's so much more to inspire me when I'm outside in the sun, with the birds singing, and the neighbours out mowing their lawns creating that Summer-specific smell of cut grass. The wind chimes clinking. The school bell from the neighbourhood elementary school ringing. The neighbours shouting obscenities at each other. There's no greater setting in which to do a little reading, a little writing, and a little Wreck This Journaling.

Yes, it's Springtime and I'm going to enjoy it, outside, with my books, my laptop, and a little funnel of WTJ water.

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