Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Raising the Game

Words. I have to find words to describe Catching Fire.  It's more difficult than I can really explain to write a solid review to an amazing book without spoiling anything.

And I certainly don't have any intention of spoiling a thing. This is probably because I know how absolutely spellbound I was with every twist and turn, and I want the same for every person who has never read the book.

I really had no idea what direction this novel would take, and although I could not have predicted many of the turns, I was hardly disappointed by any of them.  Looks like Catching Fire dodged the sophomore slump I was so worried about a few days ago. Actually, it did more than dodge it; it obliterated it. Catching Fire has truly raised the game in terms of creating a story that can rival the one preceding it in the trilogy.

I really can't write much more. I've been reading from the moment I woke up at 8 until now, 11:30. The book is finished, and I must now rush to get ready so I can go out and buy the 3rd and final book: Mockingjay.  Because anytime I read a book and literally get a chill up my spine with the last words, I can't just turn off and go about my day. I have to find out what happens next. How does it all end?

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