Tuesday, April 5, 2011

WTJ: Tear Strips. Rip it up!

There is no starting slow with this journal. It gets right down to business. Rip up a page!? Really!?

I couldn't even fathom it. Hence the short hiatus from WTJ posts. But who knew tearing pages would be a little like eating Pringles: Once I started [popped] I couldn't stop! I enjoyed the smooth ripping, the tearing sound, and the small little release I got from destroying something.  That sounds a little darker than I intend, but with all of the "crap" life throws at you sometimes, it was nice to relieve a little frustration with some constructive destruction. I sound pure evil right now, but I swear it was really more like this ...

As they say, simple minds, simple pleasures.

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