Thursday, April 14, 2011

Teaching the Value of Books

In my very first post ever I wrote about how books (and stories) serve so many functions; they can be a friend, an escape, an adventure... I need to reiterate their importance today.

Now, just the other day I wrote about a book that highlights the importance of technology in today's classroom. (If you missed it, check it out by clicking here).

I want to be clear on one thing.  Technology certainly has its place, but so do good old fashioned books. What brings me to write about this is some really unfortunate things I saw in a school recently.  (In a "Student Acheivement Centre," no less).
The best way to use this book is to prop up
the desk your computer sits on.
"Extra Reading Materials"
This tub was sitting on an empty bookshelf.

When we as teachers, or adults in general, treat books this way, what message are we sending?  I'd say, that books are not important.  And if books are not important, or not valued, what reason does a student or child have to pick it up and read it?  And then what does that do to literacy?  Maybe it's just the book nerd in me speaking, but I think that modelling the importance of something is just as important as preaching its importance.  Just something to think about...

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