Sunday, April 3, 2011

Create Your Own Adventure

I'm making good progress on The Lost Girls, and I'm really enjoying it. (A bonus considering my recent unfortunate track record with my book selections). I might even say I'm enjoying this one a little too much. I find myself fantasizing about visiting the places the girls visit, and doing the things the girls do. Even though up until this point in my life I have never once imagined hiking the Inca Trail or partying all night long at a rave in a slummy area in Brazil.  But now, their fantastic adventures have me itching for my own adventures.

So, it was off to Ottawa for me!

Okay... Maybe Ottawa isn't exactly the adventure capital of the world, but I'd say being a Leafs fan in Sens territory is adventurous in its own way. We did some shopping, took in a Leafs/Sens game daringly decked out in our proudest Leafs gear (despite our now dashed playoff hopes), and we had a really great time.

That's what adventures are all about.

...And my adventure itch has temporarily been scratched.

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