Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WTJ: Do Some Rubbings with a Pencil

Wreck This Journal frequently asks me to tap into my inner artist. Though I've never been completely capable with a pencil in my hand (Re: Art and Math), I have always enjoyed designing things ... especially once computers came into my life.

My most recent "design project" was working on Stag and Doe tickets for my sister and her fiance.  That's where I took the inspiration for today's Wreck This Journal exercise. Armed with my pencil, and whatever knowledge I still had lingering from Gr. 9 Art class, I created this "masterpiece."

Adapted from . . .

This is just a generic version of the ticket... Edited for privacy reasons.

It may never find its way into the Louvre, but it has been pretty fun to reconnect with a more creative me. Who knew wrecking my journal would become such an artistic endeavour?

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