Thursday, November 17, 2011

Friday Funnies #5

What bothers me? Opening weekend of any Twilight movie.

Sure, the buzz and excitement is like no other night at the movies, but it bothers me to listen to teens and pre-teens scream every time Jacob appears shirtless (so like, 75% of the movie).

And it bothers me to hear squeals and sighs every time Edward does something romantic (so like, 90% of the movie).

And it bothers me to hear whispers when the movie strays too far from the book (though this fortunately doesn't happen too often).

And it bothers me when I can't have an empty seat or 10 next to me so I can have the freedom to squeal, sigh, whisper, and spaz out without disturbing the people around me every time something excites me.

Yes, I'm that kind of Twilight fan.

And honestly, I can't wait for the release of Breaking Dawn tonight! Although, I'm not going to see it until Sunday... Maaaaybe Monday. Which is a good thing. It'll likely save a pre-teen from having a bag of popcorn dumped on her head.

To celebrate my excitement I have a Twilight inspired edition of Friday Funnies brought to you by one of my favourite funny guys, Jimmy Fallon.

Happy Friday!

And enjoy Breaking Dawn Part 1!

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