Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Funnies #6

It's Black Friday! I won't be shopping. One of the reasons I won't be is because of the contents of today's Friday Funnies.

Now, I want to get one thing straight. I'm by no means intending to be rude or mean with this post. But sometimes, especially when hot deals are at stake, some of the world's craziest and most outrageous people come out of the woodwork.

Today I'm simply celebrating the... uh... individuality, and... um... fearlessness... of some of Walmart's most memorable shoppers!

Like this sweet old man... And his hot dog hat.
And this lady who was so excited to shop, she forgot her pants.

This gentleman is probably just looking for the underwear aisle...

As for this one, I'm not sure Walmart sells jelly fish food, but it's nice to just get out of the house sometimes.

Beware the Black Friday shopper who won't even break for the bathroom.
If you weren't yet convinced it's safer to just stay home, you probably are now.

For more crazy shopper fun, visit

And the next time you go shopping, you might want to look your best (and wear underwear, and pants that you don't pee in, or have some kind of outrageous hair growth), or you could end up a "Person of Walmart"... Muahahaha!

Sidenote: As always, I like to keep it literary up in here so I've attached a few Black Friday sales at the bottom of the page from some of my favourite book sites! Happy Shopping! Happy Reading! And... 

Happy Black Friday!

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