Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Funnies #4

A friendly reminder from your somewhat enjoyable favourite book blogger! This weekend marks the end of Daylight Savings Time. Why bother "Saving Daylight" anyway? Completely overrated...What's not to love about a 4pm sunset? The way the sun blinds you as you make your evening commute home from work. And who doesn't enjoy driving to work or school in the complete darkness? I like to pretend I'm some creature of the night, being all nocturnal and stuff...


If you haven't noted my sarcasm yet, I'll give you a moment to do so now.


But seriously. Quite possibly the only positive that comes along with the whole "Fall Behind" phenomenon of ending Daylight Savings is that all the "club-goers" get one extra hour of party time, and everyone else gets one extra hour of sleep.

So today's Friday Funny is for anyone with a little one they need to put to bed for that glorious extra sleeping hour. Don't let those little jerks deprive you of the one good thing you have coming to you this weekend.

FYI: This one's REALLY not for the kids...

Now, go out and enjoy what's left of the sunshine before we all voluntarily turn back the clocks to make it go away.

If you want to rebel and refuse to turn back the clock, let me know... Maybe we can start our own movement or something?

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