Thursday, May 10, 2012

WTJ: Fill in this Page When You are Really Angry

Call me a perfectionist. Or a neat freak. Or anal retentive. Or detail oriented. I don't care. It's what I am. Things in my world have a place, or an order, and if it's mine, I like to keep it that way. I try not to impose my structure and orderliness on anyone else. If you want to leave your things sprawled all over the place, good for you! That's your way. But don't -- DO NOT -- come into my space, and sprawl my things anywhere but where they're supposed to be.

This rant is stemming from a recent experience in my classroom. I'm away one day and I come back to find my window wide open, several of my "good" pens and pencils missing (yes, I have good pens and pencils that are off limits to students), my desk calendar scribbled over, several of my course binders off the shelf, sitting on my desk with scribbles on some of pages inside, and the students' desks in various places throughout the room that they don't belong. And that was all discovered as soon as I got here. Since then I've even found magnetic bookmarkers of mine that have been removed from my textbooks and torn apart. Are you kidding me?


I hate blog ranting... Sorry. So, to be more visual I wrecked my journal today as a different kind of anger outlet.

My apologies to anyone who had to read this on Facebook, Twitter, and now here. I do appreciate your patronage, though.  

PS. I'm aware of the melodrama dripping from this WTF WTJ page.

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