Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Funnies #19

May Long Weekend is upon us!!!

And as soon as I can sneak out of my professional development I will commence my 7 hour drive home where I'll spend the weekend with friends and family, having a few beer by the pool, attending the variety of events that always find a way to plant themselves throughout the long weekend, and if I'm really lucky... just reading and relaxing.

Because I'm such a nerd, today's funny really hit home for me. It's a sad kind of funny...

...but one I will NOT be participating in this weekend because I'm too too excited to see everyone I haven't seen in too too long!

Happy Long Weekend Everyone (in Canada)!

PS. Have you ever wondered why in Canada we take a day off to celebrate Queen Victoria, but in England there's no such holiday? ...Ponder that.

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