Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Time Out for a Local Author Shout Out

Last week I missed the opportunity to meet and listen to a reading from a local author.  Sault Ste Marie author, Jamie Zeppa, introduced her debut novel Every Time We Say Goodbye on Tuesday, March 22, at the SSM Public Library Main Branch.  It really was a great opportunity to meet with an up and coming local author.  So, because I missed said opportunity I wanted to give her a little shoutout for whatever readership I do possess here on the World Wide Web. (I mean, I might as well use this blog for the forces of good, and what's greater than plugging local talent?)

Might I say, I love the colourful cover! But, as the saying goes "You can't judge a book by its cover," (though routinely, I do) so I'll continue with what's on the inside.  The novel is set in Sault Ste Marie and other Ontario towns (like North Bay - another special place of mine). It's described on GoodReads.com as being "heartbreaking and hopeful," an "emotional rollercoaster," and "rich with mysteries, plot twists, a paternity question, broken promises and in the end, some mending of hearts." 

I have done some considerable reading up on this novel and it definitely sounds like something that will make its way to my nightstand in the near future.

So, whether you're reading this from Sault Ste Marie, or from some other spot around the globe, (Italy, Hungary, Vietnam, the UK, or USA*), consider taking a look at a book from an author from a small Canadian city.

*This is just another quick shoutout to the readers I've aquired from these countries. My stats show me you check in every now and again, and I just wanted to say thanks!


Lisa Anne said...

Can we buy it online? Or will I have to wait until the summer to get a copy?

Amanda said...

It is available online through Amazon and Chapters for sure. There's even an eBook version available on the Chapters site.