Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Twosday Timeout

So this week I did manage to squeeze in a bit of reading between all of the holiday hustle and bustle and then prepping to start teaching in only 3 weeks! (Where has the time gone!?)

I didn't make a great dent in the novel, but the story is moving along. I hate not being able to really pour myself into this book, but you do what you can! ...Though at this pace, I'm likely to be reading this holiday themed novel well into March Break.

Alfred narrowed his eyes, studying Gabe, and he looked back at Lou with a slightly nervous smile. 'Help me out here, pal.'

The Gift by Cecelia Ahern, page 80

A little mystery for your Tuesday. Could someone else, not just Sarah, post their two this week? (Thanks for always playing, Sarah! Check out her book blog after you comment on mine!)

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Sarah said...

Darn, I missed it on Tuesday this week... so let's leave today's instead!

"I meant that all people have things they consider to be private and that they don't go around airing in public. Blomkvist is obviously a big hit with women." (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Stieg Larsson, p. 79)