Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WTJ: Cover This Page With Office Supplies

It looks like celebrations are in order. After one week in Toronto I've gotten myself hooked up with a full-time contract teaching position at an independent school! I don't start until January, and it's a random assignment without any English classes, but that's okay. No English means less marking and more time for pleasure-reading instead of school-reading which is obviously a benefit for me... Though don't get me wrong, I loooove teaching English.

Anyway! The timing couldn't be more perfect since today is World Teachers Day!

So, to commemorate both the new job and the international day for teachers everywhere I cracked open my just a bit dusty Wreck This Journal and completed pages 71 and 72: Cover This Page With Office Supplies.

Post-its for notes and page marking, staples, tape of the masking and Scotch varieties, paper clips big and small, rubber bands, white-out tape, highlighter, and the all-powerful Sharpie were put to good use, and appropriately all things you are likely to find in a teacher's desk.

The colours and randomness make me very happy ... But not nearly as happy as my new job.

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Lisa Anne said...

I like that you used tape to keep the staples on. I'm not sure if its inefficient use of the staples or a creative way of using more office supplies effectively. Either way, I like it!