Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Funnies #3

The custom of sending greeting cards dates as far back as the ancient Chinese who used to send messages of good will to one another to celebrate the New YearEarly Egyptians also engaged in a similar custom using papyrus scrolls.

I should know. I checked Wikipedia.

Today, you can send greeting cards for nearly any event to pretty much anybody.

Again, I should know.  This year I sent a "Happy 1st Hallowe'en, Godson" card. Really. They make those.

Now, you can even send e-cards, so you barely have to put any effort at all into sending someone a warm wish. I'm sure the ancient Chinese would be thrilled.

To spread a little funny this Friday, I'm sharing a collection of wonderfully irreverent Hallowe'en e-cards from one of my favourite e-card sites: Their tagline is: "When you care enough to hit send." Enough said.

Happy Friday!

PS Why does no one put the apostrophe in Hallowe'en anymore?

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