Monday, April 16, 2012

Review: City of Bones

First review in months, because this is the first novel I've finished since before Christmas.

My best excuse reason for this is that until now, I haven't read anything worth finishing and subsequently writing about. Until now.

(Ooo... so dramatic. It must be carry-over from the novel).

Book 1 in the Mortal Instruments series, City of Bones, was nearly everything you want from the supernatural fantasy genre that I've grown to love. Granted, it's an acquired-taste. Many have outgrown or been exhausted by the vampire, werewolf, warlock, demon thing. I haven't. And I'm glad, because this novel was high on the entertainment value.

Incredibly action-packed, City of Bones takes you on a journey to a work that looks like our own on the surface, but as the main character, Clary begins to discover the truth of our world, so does the reader.

The author, Cassandra Clare, does a fantastic job at creating a world that really makes you think. It's hard to not draw a comparison between Twilight and even Harry Potter, as elements pop in and out that seem strikingly familiar, but those elements are also those that have been seen well before the Twilight/Potter rockets really took off.

Full of twists, some predictable, some that had me literally shouting out in my living room, the novel tells a great story. The characters are all very likeable, and you root for and boo a wide variety of interesting beings. Voldemort-like "bad-guys," the sarcastic and witty hero, the puppy-dog best friend, gorgeous, demon-fighting badasses, and so on.

Basically, I'm telling you that you can expect to read a lot more on this blog in the next few weeks (months?) about the rest of the series. Oh yes, there's more!

If you're into this genre, you'll love this book. Trust me, it's not without it's disappointments. It's not perfect. But it's highly entertaining, and highly addictive.

Up Next:
Book Two in the Moral Instruments series: City of Ashes -- Where will Clary and Jace take us next? We'll see...

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