Monday, March 26, 2012

Hitting the Books

After a brief (if you can call 3 months brief) hiatus, I've cracked the spine of delicately opened a new book and am ready to tell you all about it.

But first! Where have I been?

1. Started teaching... It was a crazy few months getting started and adapting, etc. I won't get into the details.. This isn't really a teaching blog... but let's just say it was tough. And now that March Break is over I'm ready to turn over a new leaf (you might even say a "new page")... and that means getting back into things that made me happy BEFORE my life became all school work and vegging-out in front of the TV to cope with long days at school.

2. Planning a wedding!! This is the more exciting of the two hiatus reasons. I got engaged in January and since then there's been a lot of travelling back home to nail down details and meet with vendors. We've really gotten into it now and are getting very excited for our October 20, 2012 date!

3. Ignoring a sub-par holiday-themed book that I just couldn't get into but couldn't convince myself to walk away from.

BUT... I have finally convinced myself that it's okay sometimes to not finish a book when you've started it. So I have closed "The Gift" and started a new series that I am infinitely more interested in.

The Mortal Instruments series. Book 1: City of Bones

In only a few days I'm already about 100 pages in and I catch myself thinking about it throughout the day. Definitely a good sign. I believe there are 4 books already released with 2 more on the way. It's a supernatural series about demons and Shadowhunters, Downworlders, etc. HERE you can link to the website that will describe the whole world for you.

I think if you read and enjoyed Twilight or Vampire Academy you can probably sink your teeth (no pun intended) into this series too. And that's a recommendation after reading 1/3 of one book! I'll let you know for sure soon!

It's good to be back!

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Sarah said...

I'm glad you're back!