Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer's Moving In

The heatwave of the past few days has been a forceful reminder of the fact that summer is just around the corner on the calendar, though it feels like it's already made itself at home around here.

For this reason, my next book choice was pretty simple... But on the other hand it wasn't easy at all.

It's not an easy task to follow up a book like The Help. One that I felt really strongly and passionately about. So, I did some searching. I abandoned my "To Read" list in search of something different. I found The Summer of Us by Holly Chamberlin.

What some people might call fluff, I'm not ashamed to admit I enjoy. Especially when the sun comes out and I'm reading on a lounge chair next to the pool, or with my feet buried in sand listening to the waves roll in on the beach.

Summer reading... Friends on the beach. A summer home. Camp fires in the sand. Summer romance.

These are the things my summer reading list longs for.

So, to transition from a special novel like The Help, I'm going to immerse myself in one of my most favourite indulgences...

"The little beach house has a rickety porch and no closets, but the location is unbeatable—close to a gorgeous shoreline and the best nightlife on Martha's Vineyard. All in all, more than enough to entice three total strangers into a house share for the summer. . .

At first, the only thing Gincy, Danielle, and Clare have in common is a desire to spend weekends away from the city. No-nonsense Gincy has worked hard to leave her small-town childhood behind. Danielle grew up with every advantage and is looking for a husband who'll fit neatly into her pampered life, while Clare is enjoying a last burst of independence before marrying her ambitious fiancĂ©. Yet lazy beach days and warm, conversation-filled nights forge an unexpected connection. And over the course of one eventful summer, Gincy, Danielle, and Clare will discover that friendship isn't always measured in how well you know a person's past—but in opening each other's eyes to everything the future could hold..."

I always want to disappear inside these places. The little island towns and summer homes. For years they've been the foundation of almost every travel daydream. I can't wait bring those fantasies to life through another summer story.

Happy Reading!

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